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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way for the community to coordinate with PennDOT with questions or concerns?
A PennDOT representative on the project will be assigned to coordinate with the community throughout construction. In addition, we will provide regular look-ahead schedules of planned work activities on the website to keep the community informed. You can also contact us directly by following this link and submitting a message.
Will there be employment opportunities for members of the community?

The general contractor and subcontractors on the project will use personnel from the city’s various trade unions, which also have apprenticeship programs. As part of the project’s equal employment opportunity affirmative action program, the contractor, working through the various trade union apprenticeship programs, will provide on-the-job training aimed at developing candidates toward full journeymen in the type of trade or job classification involved. Interested members of the community can contact the Philadelphia Building Trades Council or any of the region’s construction trade unions for more information on employment possibilities.

Will there be any disruption to traffic or pedestrian movements on surface streets in the vicinity of the project?

Most of the work is taking place high above the surrounding surface streets. However, there will be short term impacts on surface streets when the debris shield is attached to the underside of the bridge. There also may be short term restrictions on surface streets and sidewalks during other construction operations such as painting.

What is being done to prevent debris falling from the work area?

Prior to the start of construction in any given area, the contractor will install a debris shield to the underside of the viaduct to prevent anything from falling to the pavement or sidewalks under the viaduct.

Is there lead in the existing paint that will be removed from the viaduct?

Yes, the paint that was originally used to coat and protect the viaduct’s steel components contains lead.

What will be done to prevent the lead in the paint from being loosed into the environment?

During the cleaning and removal of old paint from the viaduct, the work area will be enclosed in a protective tarp that prevents any dust escaping. All of the material that is removed from that section will be vacuumed out and stored in a sealed containment vessel for safe disposal.

Will the air in the work area be monitored to ensure that no harmful particles are dispersed into the air?

Yes, air-monitoring stations will be in place at each of the paint removal containment areas and at other areas within the work zone.

Will there be noise from this project?

Construction of this scale involves certain operations that are inherently noisy. PennDOT will monitor the project to ensure that construction noise does not exceed City of Philadelphia noise ordinances.

Will there be overnight and weekend work on this project?

Most of the construction will take place during normal working hours. However, there are a number of construction activities that require lane closures on the viaduct, and these activities will take place during overnight hours and occasionally on weekends.

Will there be lighting under the bridge?

PennDOT will install two LED lights mounted on each pier face.

Will any other improvements be made to the areas under the viaduct?

In addition to lighting, the area under the bridge will be re-paved and many of the artifacts from past usages of the area will be removed, such as light pole foundations and parking bollards.

Will the areas under the viaduct remain open following completion of construction?


Will any construction equipment be parked or materials stored on the street?

No, construction vehicles will be parked under the bridge and not on streets. Construction materials will be stored under the bridge.