Construction Update: Summer 2022

Inner Northbound Lane Paving Underway

Shift to Next Construction Stage (5) Later This Summer

Workers completed the removal of the existing concrete deck (see below) and rehabilitation of the viaduct’s structural steel and this summer are placing deck concrete in the left northbound lane of the U.S. 1/Roosevelt Expressway viaduct over SEPTA and the Nicetown neighborhood in Philadelphia, as part of Stage 4 of PennDOT’s $90 million project to rehabilitate the mile-long structure.

Working in tandem with the crews above, workers on the underside of the bridge continue rehabilitating and painting the bridge’s structural components as crews on the topside are working south-to-north placing the new concrete deck pavement.

Stage 4 construction is expected to be completed by early August. It will be followed by setting a new traffic pattern for Stage 5 construction to rehabilitate the right/shoulder lane northbound along with the northbound parapet.

Stage 5 Traffic Pattern

During Stage 4 construction, two lanes of traffic will remain on the refurbished southbound structure along with one northbound lane of traffic. A second northbound travel lane will remain in the right/shoulder lane of the northbound structure.

Work also continues periodically on replacing 24 existing sign structures and adding six additional signs on other roadways approaching the project area, including installation of large electronic message boards on Interstate 76 and City Avenue.

In addition to work on the viaduct, repairs and painting of the structural steel components continue at the Fox Street bridge. Major items of work remaining on Fox Street are: ADA ramp installation, repair of deteriorated abutment concrete, structural steel repairs, tying in the new water main to the existing water main, and paving the bridge and intersections on both sides.

The Cayuga Street on-ramp to southbound U.S. 1/Roosevelt Expressway remains closed. It was closed and detoured earlier in 2019 to allow two lanes of southbound traffic to move through the work area uninterrupted by the merge of on-ramp traffic during repairs to the viaduct. The ramp will remain closed for the entire project.

Current construction is in Stage 4 of 6 stages of repairs being completed under a $90 million contract to rehabilitate the 2,587-foot-long viaduct. The entire project is scheduled to be completed in spring 2024.